1. Dos and Don’ts of Tree Care

    There’s more to tree care than you probably think. At Pro Tree Service in Chicago, we want to help you keep your trees healthy and beautiful for years to come. It starts with knowing some general dos and don’ts of tree care.  The Dos of Tree Care Do prune your trees Take a close look at your trees. Do you notice any significantly dead, damaged, and/or diseased branches? Are your trees startin…Read More

  2. Common Tools Needed for DIY Tree Care

    You recently decided to turn tree care into a DIY project. However, as we’ve explained in previous posts, tree maintenance requires a number of specialized tools. Keep reading for a list of tools and equipment you will need prior to embarking on these tasks.    Personal protective equipment It’s probably not a smart idea to trim or prune your trees without personal protective equipment. In …Read More

  3. How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Home

    We’ve already discussed the top benefits of trees in your yard and neighborhood in a previous post. However, as important as they are to the environment, trees can cause major damage. More specifically, tree roots are capable of doing quite a number on your foundation, plumbing systems, and landscape.   Keep reading as we dive deeper into these areas. How tree roots can damage a foundation It…Read More

  4. The Best Trees to Plant in the Fall

    It’s that time of year again — a time for watching football, enjoying the colorful foliage, and overloading on pumpkin-spiced everything. Yes, we’re talking about fall. While you may be tempted to completely forget about your yard after Labor Day, the reality is that this season can be the ideal time to plant a number of trees. Let’s take a closer look at some of them. Honey locust Most co…Read More

  5. Qualities of a Reputable Tree Service

    Do a quick online search and you’ll see there are a number of tree services in the Chicago area. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your project? Let’s dive into some of the qualities of a reputable tree service. Experienced We’ve touched on this in previous posts, but it’s worth mentioning again. There are times when you can maybe get away with hir…Read More

  6. Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Tree Service

    There’s no question that hiring a tree service is a big decision. But with the number of so-called “tree experts” in Chicago, the last thing you want to do is end up making the wrong choice and being stuck with subpar work. Here are five mistakes to avoid as you go through this process.  Hiring someone with little to no experience We get it — everyone has to start somewhere in their line …Read More

  7. The Most Popular Trees in Chicago

    Here at Pro Tree Service, we have already discussed the best and worst trees for your yard and fast-growing trees perfect for your yard. In this post, we thought it would be good to dive into some of the most popular trees in Chicago. Here are just some of the recommendations from The Morton Arboretum: White fir A hardy and ornamental North American native evergreen, the white fir reaches up to 50…Read More

  8. How to Properly Dispose of a Fallen Tree

    Whether you’ve lived in Chicago for a year or a decade, you know we get our fair share of storms. With the occasional thunderstorm or snowstorm comes toppling trees. Keep reading for tips on how to properly dispose of a fallen tree. Figure out who’s responsible You can’t really do anything else until you determine responsibility. Let’s say, for example, that you live near a park or public …Read More

  9. Breaking Down the Cost of Tree Removal

    You’ve probably heard it before — the cost to remove a tree is outrageous. What many homeowners fail to realize, though, is that a professional tree removal service determines said cost based on certain factors. By better understanding tree removal and why companies charge what they do, you can make the most informed decision possible for your tree. Let’s start with what’s included with ba…Read More

  10. New Year’s Resolutions For Tree Owners

    The new year is often associated with change and self-improvement. Maybe you’ve already decided that 2019 will be all about eating healthier and spending more time with family. On the other hand, perhaps your resolutions are money-based (saving up for a new house, preparing for retirement, etc.). While these are all great New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget about home improvement and landsc…Read More