1. Top Curb Appeal Tips for Autumn

    It’s no surprise why fall is one of the more popular times to buy a home. New buyers not only have good weather for moving but also have plenty of time to get their dwelling ready for the holiday season. So, as a seller, you want to be sure that your house catches the eyes of prospective buyers. Here are some curb appeal tips for fall to consider, as referenced from HGTV: Plant flowers   Yes, s…Read More

  2. Why Trees Shed Their Leaves in Autumn

    Autumn is a favorite season for many of us here in Chicago. After all, who doesn’t appreciate the cooler weather, football-filled weekends, and pumpkin-spiced everything? These aren’t the only reasons to appreciate fall, though. Nothing beats going on a walk and noticing all the fall foliage around the city. But have you ever wondered why trees even shed their leaves in the first place? We ans…Read More

  3. Will the City Pay for Tree Removal?

    Homeowners rarely want to think about tree removal. Not only is the cost significant, but you consider your tree a focal point in the yard. Unfortunately, though, things happen to trees, whether they fall victim to a lightning strike or some sort of disease. Now for the million dollar question: will the city pay for tree removal? Keep reading for the answer and additional information surrounding t…Read More

  4. How to Upgrade Your Backyard This Summer

    Just because it’s the middle of July already doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your backyard. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn this space into a private oasis? Here are seven ways to achieve the backyard of your dreams: Fill those empty corners - Are the corners of your yard completely bare due to shade? Not to worry, as there are several things you can do here. We recommend creating flo…Read More

  5. A Step-by-Step Guide to Bush Removal

    You’ve had the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood for years. Recently, though, you’ve started to notice overgrown shrubs. Unfortunately, unkempt bushes can throw off the balance and aesthetics of an entire garden. Keep reading as we walk you through the process of removing unsightly shrubs by hand. Cut off all branches above the normal height - Before doing anything else, measure 20 inche…Read More

  6. Can I Claim Tree Removal on My Home Insurance?

    The cost of tree removal can be significant. As you might imagine, the majority of homeowners rarely have money set aside for such an expense. With that in mind, when one of your trees goes down and you need to act swiftly, maybe you ask yourself, “Can I claim tree removal on my home insurance?” Keep reading to learn more. It depends on the situation Keep in mind that homeowner’s insurance w…Read More

  7. 3 Land Clearing Tips

    Take a long look at your residential or commercial property. Are you really getting the most out of it? Or are you limited in what you can do? Here’s the thing: land clearing is the first step in making use of what might be a patch of unusable land at the moment. However, land clearing is usually anything but an easy task. Here are three tips to consider before getting started on this project: H…Read More

  8. Tree Pests to Look for in Chicago

    Chicago is home to plenty of beautiful plants, flowers, and trees. Unfortunately, many native insects and diseases affect this greenery. In this latest blog post, we thought it would be good to focus on such pests. We will look at the Gypsy Moth, Asian Longhorned Beetle, as well as the dreaded Emerald Ash Borer. Gypsy Moth As you can see on the City of Chicago website, the Gypsy Moth has been a pr…Read More

  9. Does Building a Treehouse Damage the Tree?

    In our most recent blog post, we provided some tips for building a treehouse. Let’s consider a different treehouse topic now. Does building one do any sort of damage to the tree? Keep reading to learn more. Infections Here’s the thing: bacteria and fungi can have a negative impact on a tree. Over time, infections may cause rot and even death. Keep in mind that a tree’s bark works to protect …Read More

  10. Tips for Building a Treehouse

    Did you ever have a treehouse as a kid? If so, then you had the freedom to immerse yourself in a completely different world. Maybe you remember the summer days in your treehouse, playing cards, reading books, and watching clouds. Recently, though, your child asked what it would take to build a treehouse. So you think to yourself, “Is it even possible?” The short answer is yes. The right tools …Read More