1. Tips for Building a Treehouse

    Did you ever have a treehouse as a kid? If so, then you had the freedom to immerse yourself in a completely different world. Maybe you remember the summer days in your treehouse, playing cards, reading books, and watching clouds. Recently, though, your child asked what it would take to build a treehouse. So you think to yourself, “Is it even possible?” The short answer is yes. The right tools …Read More

  2. 7 Reasons to Remove a Tree

    It can be scary thinking about having your tree removed. After all, it’s been a source of beauty and shade for years in the yard. What most homeowners don’t realize, though, is that a dead or diseased tree can do more harm than good. Hear us out for a moment. Maybe you’re looking at selling the house in the near future. Do you really think that such a tree will lure prospective buyers? Proba…Read More

  3. Everything to Know About Pruning Your Tree

    Have you ever pruned your trees? Maybe you saw that the branches were becoming overgrown and thought it would be good to handle the matter yourself. As explained in this piece from the University of Minnesota Extension, “pruning is a horticultural practice that alters the form and growth of a plant.” Pruning can also be considered a strategy for preventive maintenance. Keep in mind that many p…Read More

  4. How to Select a Tree for Your Yard

    The time has finally come to plant a new tree in your yard. But before you make a purchase, it’s important to take your time during the selection process. It could be that you want a new tree for added shade or privacy. On the other hand, maybe you imagine a tree complementing your garden. Once you figure out why you want a tree, it’s time to consider growth rate. Did you know that slow-growin…Read More

  5. Little Known Facts About Trees

    Trees have been a staple of the earth for more than 300 million years. They’ve served as food sources and housing for countless creatures throughout time. Trees have been shown to make us calmer, happier, and more creative. Of course, a healthy tree is likely to give a nice boost to our home’s value when it’s time to sell. But what about all the little-known facts about trees? Keep reading t…Read More

  6. Why You Should Remove That Tree Stump

    You’ve finally decided that it’s time to remove that unsightly tree in the yard. You can’t wait to put something in its place, such as a new tree or flower garden. But there’s something else to consider before getting too far ahead of yourself. Should you remove that tree stump? It’s a question that many homeowners tend to overlook during the tree removal process. Here are six reasons to…Read More

  7. Happy Holidays from Pro Tree Service!

    We’re officially entrenched in the holiday season! It could be that you’re still getting through leftovers from Thanksgiving. Maybe you’re recovering from a busy weekend of shopping. On top of that, you still have all those decorations to put up around the house. However you plan on spending the holidays, Pro Tree Service hopes that you and your loved ones enjoy the time together. We underst…Read More

  8. How Do Trees Survive Winter?

    We rarely give much thought to our trees this time of year. Once they lose their leaves for winter, it’s easy to forget about them. But have you ever wondered how trees manage to deal with the bitterly cold Chicago weather? Keep reading to learn how trees survive winter. Dormancy for Trees In this article from Mother Nature Network, Eileen Campbell compares hibernation to dormancy. Keep in mind …Read More

  9. Steps to Take When Your Tree is Dying

    Trees, much like humans, have incredible immune systems. It’s the self-healing ability of trees that allows them to live such long lives. However, what happens when your tree doesn’t look like itself any longer? Believe it or not, an unhealthy tree can harm you and your property. In this blog post, we will look at the signs of a sick tree and what you can do to prevent disease. Symptoms of a S…Read More

  10. Can HOA Prevent Tree Removal?

    There are few things more debated in communities than trees. Some folks absolutely love their beauty, color, and shade. However, others just can’t tolerate the dropped leaves, view-blocking canopies, and required maintenance. Frankly, it’s not surprising why the number of tree disputes in homeowners’ associations continues to grow. In this blog post, we will look at the laws associated with …Read More