1. Leave those Storm-Damaged Trees in the Hands of a Professional

    It’s a scary sight to watch your tree get pounded by a bad storm. But once the skies have cleared, chances are that you’ve got a big mess ahead of you to clean up. Tree care experts would agree that some of the most difficult and dangerous trees to cut are ones that have been damaged by storms. In this blog post, we will detail what steps you should take and the importance of contacting a reli…Read More

  2. Summer Tree Care Checklist from Pro Tree

    A big part of whether your yard looks great this summer could depend on what you do for your trees now. After all, summertime can take a major toll on your trees. Storms, wind, pests, and diseases can do major damage to trees in the summer, which is why it’s so important to consult a tree service for assistance. This blog post will guide you through what to put on your tree care to-do list for s…Read More

  3. Do You Know Which Trees Look Best in Your Yard?

    What better way to make your yard feel more homey than with a good-looking tree? Trees can spruce up your yard with ease. That said, it can be difficult to figure out what kind of tree you want, and then determining if that kind will thrive in a particular climate. Check out these 10 trees that look great in any Chicago yard. Dogwood - If you want to bring beauty and interest to your yard all year…Read More

  4. How to Choose Between Tree Care and Tree Removal

    We’ve talked about at length in previous posts how beneficial trees can be for homeowners. Depending on location, maturity, species, and quantity of trees, trees provide a significant boost to property value. Trees can also reduce energy by providing shade, lessen noise pollution, and offer so many others positives to your yard. Unfortunately, things happen to trees that we often can’t control…Read More

  5. Spring Tree Care Checklist from Pro Tree

    After a rough winter, warmer weather is on the way. You may be focused on getting your lawn or garden prepped for the season, but what about your trees? This blog post will help guide you through your checklist when it comes to tree care in the spring. Thoroughly inspect your branches - Start out looking for consistent leafing and flowering on the branches of your trees in the early part of spring…Read More

  6. Top Tips for Selecting an Arborist

    Wouldn’t it be nice if our trees looked beautiful and stayed healthy without needing routine care? With the drastic changes of weather in Chicago and the range of tree diseases, it’s important to consult with a reliable tree service expert. At Pro Tree Service, we can offer professional advice on working with certified arborists. By definition, an arborist is trained in planting, caring for, a…Read More

  7. Tips for Safe and Smart Tree Trimming

    If you’re a property owner, and somewhere on your property is a tree, you’re likely going to have to trim it at some point. Tree trimming is the process of removing branches and limbs from a tree without needing to cut down the tree itself or cut into the tree trunk. It’s necessary because, if a branch becomes diseased or damaged and falls, it can either cause injury to those below or damage…Read More

  8. Is It Time to Remove Your Tree?

    You may have a beautiful home and yard to pair with it, but what do your trees currently look like? Overgrown, hanging, or dead trees can be an eyesore when others glance at your property. The purpose of this blog post is to provide homeowners with tips on how to see if it might be  time to cut down that old tree. Assess the location of the tree in relation to your house - If your tree is close e…Read More

  9. Top Tree Trimming Tips for Homeowners

    Tree trimming and pruning can be a laborious household chore, but also an important one. You want your trees to look great and not allow the branches to get out of hand. However, tree trimming and tree pruning require absolute precision. As you’ll see on our tree trimming and pruning page, the cost of obtaining the smaller tools required to perform these tasks can turn into a nightmare simply be…Read More

  10. Boost Your Property’s Value this Year with Trees

    It’s predicted that after a fairly calm real estate market in 2016, there could be some changes in 2017. With that being said, you want the value of your home to continue to rise. While many homeowners will turn to renovations and major projects as investments this year, you could do something a bit different and still see a boost to your property’s value. Your next home improvement project ma…Read More