Top Curb Appeal Tips for Autumn

August 27, 2018

It’s no surprise why fall is one of the more popular times to buy a home. New buyers not only have good weather for moving but also have plenty of time to get their dwelling ready for the holiday season. So, as a seller, you want to be sure that your house catches the eyes of prospective buyers.

Here are some curb appeal tips for fall to consider, as referenced from HGTV:

Plant flowers  

Yes, seriously. Just because your summer flowers faded weeks ago doesn’t mean you can’t replace them for a while. Here at Pro Tree Service, we recommend mums or something similar.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Why are flowers such a big deal in the fall?” Well, those looking for a new house will be drawn to yards with a splash of color. It doesn’t really matter what time of year it is.

Spruce up the front door

What would you say is the focal point of your home at the moment? Maybe a flower bed or another section of the landscaping? It’s possible you have no idea what the focal point is right now and that’s okay.

Local realtors recommend highlighting your front door more than anything else. So give it a fresh coat of paint and make your entrance stand out. You can even add fall foliage and/or seasonal flowers for an extra touch.

Paint the exterior

It goes without saying that you want the highest possible price at closing. In terms of choosing a project with a solid return on investment, you can’t go wrong with painting the exterior. A fresh coat will hide those unsightly chipped and faded spots and revive the overall appearance of the house.

Pro tip: Take some time to pressure wash and clean the windows before getting started on the painting. While these might not seem like fun chores, it’ll be worth your time and energy in the long run.

Clean the gutters

Nothing sabotages a home sale quite like water damage. That’s why it’s imperative to perform ongoing maintenance. This time of year, make it a priority to clear those gutters and downspouts of leaves and other debris.

Doing so protects your home from water damage. Plus, by staying on top of regular maintenance, you’re showing buyers you take pride in the property’s upkeep.

Add outdoor lighting

Whoever puts an offer on your home will want a clear path to the front door all year long. Don’t just assume there will be enough natural light in this area during fall evenings. Instead, be proactive and add decorative to lights to illuminate walkways.

Whether it’s floodlights, lanterns, or another option, remember to brighten up entrance areas. Exterior lighting also serves as an additional layer of security.

Keep decorations to a minimum

There’s a difference between making your home look inviting and going overboard. Maybe you’ve taken a lot of pride in decorating the house every year for Halloween and/or Christmas. In any case, save the over-the-top holiday decorations for another year.

Prospective buyers want to envision what they could do to the house during the holidays. They’ll have a hard time doing that if they’re distracted by other stuff.

Contact a professional to perform tree maintenance

By now, maybe you’ve painted the house and cleaned up the exterior. How else can you improve your property’s curb appeal? We recommend getting in touch with a professional tree service to inspect your trees.

There’s no question that healthy, well-maintained trees add value to your home. That said, a tree that’s damaged, diseased, and/or dead can actually hinder a home’s value.

Take a close look at your tree. Is it encroaching on a neighbor’s property or public-use space? It could also be that the tree just doesn’t look as good as it did several years ago. In either of these cases, tree trimming/pruning makes sense.

Pro Tree Service has been helping those in Chicago and surrounding suburbs for nearly four decades. Our experienced team wants to help you get the highest return on your investment. From tree removal to land clearing, Pro Tree has you covered.

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