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Trimming/pruning tasks are time-consuming and require a great deal of precision. Additionally, equipment costs are higher than ever before and require professional training to use appropriately. Our customers regularly rely on Pro Tree Service for high-quality trimming/pruning services at reasonable rates.

How Do You Know When to Call a Professional? 

We advise against DIY tasks under most circumstances. Simple mistakes or errors in judgment can cause serious damage to property or injuries to any parties involved. Professional service is recommended under the following conditions:

  • Trees have dying, dead, or diseased branches/limbs or foliage/leaves
  • Branches that were weakened in a storm
  • Overgrown trees that encroach onto personal or adjacent properties, public utilities/power lines, or sidewalks/alleys/pathways
  • Low-hanging branches at risk of obstructing streets or hitting passersby
  • Branches / limbs that may obstruct otherwise scenic views
  • Adjacent flowers/plants/lawns that may have stalled growth due to obstructed sunlight exposure
  • Trees and shrubs that may simply look unsightly

What Is the Best Time for Trimming and Pruning?

Assuming a given tree is in reasonable health, there is no “best time” for trimming/pruning. This is often a tactic used by service providers to secure work orders during the offseason to keep their companies afloat.

The real risk with trimming trees, bushes, orlandscaping during dormant/off-season is the service provider may overestimate the amount of trimming needed, and the ensuing blossom may not be as robust as otherwise expected.

We always recommend trimming a tree while in full bloom, so that customers have a real-time visual representation of the finished work.

Pro Tree Service Tree / Bush Trimming / Pruning

Regular maintenance keeps trees healthy, improves aesthetics, and prevents injury to people and damage to property from falling branches. Our services include the following:

Tree windowing improves sight lines. A window through the branches is created by carefully and symmetrically removing branches in a specific area of the tree.

Canopy thinning involves removing various branches/limbs to improve the overall desired appearance of the tree, reduce associated risks and hazards around the tree, and provide sunlight where needed. 

Canopy elevation/raising removes branches from lower portions of the tree, thus raising the crown. This process improves desired clearance levels.

Canopy reduction reduces the outer size/appearance of trees by removing selected branches. This can achieve desired aesthetics and prevent trees from obstructing each other

Why Choose Pro Tree Service for Tree Trimming

The importance of professional tree care cannot be overstated. Our trained crews fully understand the risks and techniques required for each job. 

Homeowners, commercial property owners and managers, and municipalities count on our reputation to deliver superior service at affordable rates. 

Concerned about the cost of professional tree care? Not sure if our rates are competitive? Bring us a reasonable, written offer from another company, and we will match it or beat it by 10%!

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