1. How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Home

    We’ve already discussed the top benefits of trees in your yard and neighborhood in a previous post. However, as important as they are to the environment, trees can cause major damage. More specifically, tree roots are capable of doing quite a number on your foundation, plumbing systems, and landscape.   Keep reading as we dive deeper into these areas. How tree roots can damage a foundation It…Read More

  2. Breaking Down the Cost of Tree Removal

    You’ve probably heard it before — the cost to remove a tree is outrageous. What many homeowners fail to realize, though, is that a professional tree removal service determines said cost based on certain factors. By better understanding tree removal and why companies charge what they do, you can make the most informed decision possible for your tree. Let’s start with what’s included with ba…Read More

  3. The Life Cycle of a Tree

    It’s pretty amazing how a tiny seed can eventually become a mature tree. In this post, we thought it would be interesting to look at the different stages of a tree’s life. Keep reading to learn more. Sprout (Germination) Every seed needs a safe place to germinate. Basically, the primary root breaks through the seed, securing the seed and providing water to the developing plant. Once this occur…Read More

  4. Will the City Pay for Tree Removal?

    Homeowners rarely want to think about tree removal. Not only is the cost significant, but you consider your tree a focal point in the yard. Unfortunately, though, things happen to trees, whether they fall victim to a lightning strike or some sort of disease. Now for the million dollar question: will the city pay for tree removal? Keep reading for the answer and additional information surrounding t…Read More

  5. Can I Claim Tree Removal on My Home Insurance?

    The cost of tree removal can be significant. As you might imagine, the majority of homeowners rarely have money set aside for such an expense. With that in mind, when one of your trees goes down and you need to act swiftly, maybe you ask yourself, “Can I claim tree removal on my home insurance?” Keep reading to learn more. It depends on the situation Keep in mind that homeowner’s insurance w…Read More

  6. Happy Holidays from Pro Tree Service!

    We’re officially entrenched in the holiday season! It could be that you’re still getting through leftovers from Thanksgiving. Maybe you’re recovering from a busy weekend of shopping. On top of that, you still have all those decorations to put up around the house. However you plan on spending the holidays, Pro Tree Service hopes that you and your loved ones enjoy the time together. We underst…Read More

  7. Steps to Take When Your Tree is Dying

    Trees, much like humans, have incredible immune systems. It’s the self-healing ability of trees that allows them to live such long lives. However, what happens when your tree doesn’t look like itself any longer? Believe it or not, an unhealthy tree can harm you and your property. In this blog post, we will look at the signs of a sick tree and what you can do to prevent disease. Symptoms of a S…Read More

  8. Can HOA Prevent Tree Removal?

    There are few things more debated in communities than trees. Some folks absolutely love their beauty, color, and shade. However, others just can’t tolerate the dropped leaves, view-blocking canopies, and required maintenance. Frankly, it’s not surprising why the number of tree disputes in homeowners’ associations continues to grow. In this blog post, we will look at the laws associated with …Read More

  9. What to Know About Claiming Tree Removal on Taxes

    If you have a diseased and/or dead tree on your property, chances are that you’re looking to have it removed in the near future. The reality, though, is that homeowners hold off on tree removal because of the high cost it often carries. If only there was a way you could be financially rewarded for making such an improvement to your property. Well, in some cases, tree removal may qualify as tax-d…Read More

  10. Top Factors That Lead to a Tree’s Death

    Few living things have the ability to fend off stressors like trees do. Over millions of years, trees have evolved to combat damage, disease, and other challenges. A tree has the unique ability to compartmentalize itself to seal off dead wood and disease, defoliate to reduce the effect of drought, and bleed to extract harmful insects. However, all trees eventually die. In this blog post, we will l…Read More