Whether your needs are as simple as removing small bushes, shrubs, and stumps or as complex as removing large trees surrounded by hazards (municipal power lines, neighboring houses, commercial properties, poisonous wildlife, etc.), you can count on Pro Tree Service for the best rates available. We guarantee through our Best Price Guarantee that we will match or beat any reasonable, written estimate by 10 percent.

A bush removal, stump removal, or tree removal service may be required for the following reasons:

  • Natural splitting/cracking discovered at critical parts of the tree
  • Wind gusts or lightning strikes from previous storms
  • Safety (i.e. overgrown trees/bushes to adjacent properties or public-use spaces)
  • Other (significant aging, bug infestation, or disease to trees, bushes, or stumps)

Our bush, stump, and tree removal services generally include the following:

  • Full-service tree removals, which include the removal of all branches, logs, and major debris (Tree stump removal is included in our estimates. Stump remains can be removed for a separate charge.)
  • Full-service bush removals, which include stump removal (stump remains can be removed for a separate charge)
  • Full-service stump removals and stump grinding (grinding of a stump is generally 4-6 feet below ground and 2-3 feet from the base of the tree)

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